Welcome to the Carrières Berthe website

For over 40 years,
Carrières Berthe has been mining quarries in the area between the Sambre and Meuse rivers, and has recently narrowed its focus on the extraction and production of high-grade limestone.

It operates the Herbeton quarry in Florennes, selectively extracting the beds of stone from its site.

Its top priority is the quality of its product while respecting the requirements of its clientele.

In this optic, a new quality assurance service was established in 2003. The service obtained GMP certification in February 2004 and its CE 2+ and BENOR certifications are currently pending.

Carrières Berthe caters to three main industrial sectors : the metallurgic, sugar refinery and food processing sectors.

For products of lesser chemical quality, we offer a range of products for use in civil engineering projects.